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of Ages







Aleph Hotel Istanbul

Your peaceful and comfortable crib located between historical monuments antique treasures of Seraglio Peninsula. We look forward to host you and help you getting the best of the city during your visit! Aleph Istanbul is hosting travellers all around the world decent and proud since 2015. Couples, backpackers,  gays, business travellers, families, shortly everyone can have our humble service peacefully with equal rights and no discrimination.


The first letter of the first alphabet inspired many languages helps us to communicate.

We are connected today, ...and we were connected before.

Phoenicians... This civilization had evolved the picture symbols used for writing -which is called hieroglyph- into some symbols. At the first the letter "A" was an ox head. When these guys came to the stage, they probably realized that it'd be quite difficult to write a 'letter' to their girlfriends while sailing between huge waves shaking their ships has nicely painted violet sails. They admitted that drawing a hole head of an ox is not really an economic way to mention only an "A" sound.

They were moving around The Mediterranean Sea all the time and taught people on the docks what they have done for writing quicker and easier (...and sell their violet painted textile products too, absolutely.). Then in time nations all around the world become using it in slightly different shapes. And the "Aleph" letter distributed all around the world in examples like: "A", "Alpha", "Alef", "Elif", et cetera...

We used this name for we are located in the middle of many cultural beings used many kinds of alphabets. So for communicating better with each other; it'd be a nice symbol to begin with first letter for all of us.

If you'd like to read more in more objective and scientific ways, please use the Wiki links below.